Those looking for yet another reason to sign up for Amazon Prime (or those looking for yet another reason to keep the service following a price hike earlier this year) may be interested to know that membership benefits now include free, unlimited photo storage.

With Prime Photos, members will be able to upload photos from a wide variety of devices – Android and iOS devices, Fire tablets and Fire Phone, and Windows and Mac computers – directly to Amazon’s cloud service.

Most major image file types are supported including JPEG, GIF, most common TIFFs, RAW, PNG and BMP (individual files must be 2GB or less). It’s worth pointing out that videos can also be saved through the same process although they (and other non-image file types) will count towards the available limit of your Cloud Drive which is 5GB by default (additional storage can be purchased for a fee).

Uploaded photos can be viewed at any time from nearly any device including Amazon Fire TV, the recently-announced Fire TV Stick, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and select LG and Samsung smart TVs.

Amazon obviously isn’t the first major tech company to offer a cloud storage option such as this but it’s perhaps the most attractive as competitors like Apple, Facebook, Flickr and Google all have some type of restriction or another as it relates to image uploads.