As Google prepares to unleash Android 5.0, the company is going through all of their applications and giving them a Material Design makeover. The latest app to be updated is Google Maps, which will hit Android and iOS over the coming days complete with the flat, colorful design cues of Google's latest OS.

Google Maps' Material Design makeover makes the application easier to use, at least according to Google. The new set of animations, layers and design elements makes the app "come to life" so that you can easily find your way around and access recommendations.

But the update isn't just visual: Google has added in a new feature that allows you to easily make restaurant reservations from within the app. Provided you live in the United States, you'll now have access to table bookings through OpenTable at supported restaurants.

Google has also partnered with Uber to provide estimated ride costs and pickup times from within Google Maps. When you're checking either walking or transit directions, an Uber cost and time card will appear at the bottom of the results, so long as you have the Uber app installed on your phone.

Look out for the Maps update on the Play Store or App Store shortly, even if you don't have a device running Android 5.0 just yet.