Famous Internet firsts: then & now In 1971, Ray Tomlinson sent the world's first email, a message passed from one computer to another placed directly beside it. Now, just 43 years later, we send approximately 182.9 billion email messages each and every day. Email is just one example of the kind of explosive growth experienced by the Internet and its features. Since its development in the late 20th century, the Internet has quickly evolved into a necessity for our daily lives... WebPageFX

A large scale study of programming languages and code quality in GitHub A variety of debates ensue during discussions whether a given programming language is the "right tool for the job". While some of these debates may appear to be tinged with an almost religious fervor, most people would agree that a programming language can impact not only the coding process, but also the properties of the artifact. UC Davis (also, the 7th Underhanded C Contest is now open)

TweakTown's ultimate Windows SSD performance installation guide Veteran computer enthusiasts generally have steps they follow when installing Windows on a PC. Following certain steps and procedures insures a successful install that delivers every drop of performance your computer has to give, while maintaining 24/7 reliability. We are going to document the steps we take when we install Windows, the settings we use, and the tools we use to protect our operating systems and data from disaster. You want to be the boss? Well, here you go. TweakTown

Getting your head in the game -- TrackIR 5 with TrackClip Pro review The PC is the leading open computing platform in the world. If for nothing else, you can use all sorts of things with a PC. There are devices for what any user might desire, be it a Gameboard like the G13 or Nostromo, to virtual reality equipment like the Oculus Rift. This puts PC users, especially gamers, at the forefront when it comes to using rather revolutionary input devices. TechGage

Cree raises its game, lowers prices with 4Flow bulb Since I posted my Friday night topic and then a blog post about LED light bulbs, I've been quietly waiting for another chance to try out something new and interesting on the lighting front. I figured that chance would come with the introduction of the Finally Bulb, but that company's name is proving to be unintentionally uncomfortable. I'm now told they'll have samples ready next month. The Tech Report

UL and Futuremark, the future of benchmarking From the day we started work on 3DMark99, we knew that partnerships would be central to our success. The relationships we built with leading technology companies over the years enabled our small company to become the world's leading benchmark developer. Our software is now used throughout industry, by hundreds of press publications, and millions of gamers and overclockers. Futuremark

Our terrifying reliance on GPS, and the need to develop a ground-based alternative The Global Positioning System, or GPS, has -- somewhat surprisingly -- found itself at the heart of modern civilization. I don't think anyone predicted how significant GPS would be today, just 14 years after it was made freely and globally available to civilians and commercial operations in 2000 -- but hey, it happened, and there's no going back. ExtremeTech

7 Awesome interactive Google Street View maps you never knew existed Most of the activities at CERN are currently directed towards operating the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and the experiments for it. The LHC represents a large-scale, worldwide scientific cooperation project. The LHC tunnel is located 100 metres underground, in the region between the Geneva International Airport and the nearby Jura mountains. TecheBlog

Yes, the 5K Retina iMac's screen runs at 60Hz at 5K resolution I'm at the end of my time with the Retina iMac now that our Senior Applemeister Andrew Cunningham is back from his nuptials. He'll be finishing up our coverage of the device, but I wanted to touch on a couple of final points with the big Mac before I send it on its way to the East Coast. Ars Technica (also, Asus RoG Swift PG278Q 27-inch G-Sync Review)

(Translated) Quick View: Intel Broadwell against Haswell - performance at the same clock speed The first computers with Intel architecture Broadwell 've found on the market and the first in the vBulletin test lab is Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. Since this is the first time the editors had a chance to put the new architecture to the test we offer therefore an excerpts before full-scale review of the computer. Sweclockers

It's game over for 'gamers' I remember, when I was a kid, desperately trying to persuade my mom and dad to buy me a Game Boy. They were very reluctant. The conventional wisdom of the early '90s said that video games would rot kids' brains, and as immigrants who came to North America from Iraq to provide a better life for me and my sister, my parents bought into that myth. The NY Times

New Raspberry Pi A+ Due to a small error of page management, we now have our first information on the new Raspberry Pi A+ which is likely to launch on Monday, November 10. After the Raspberry Pi B was upgraded to the B+ it was inevitable that the model A would follow. We were even promised something "special" by Eben Upton in a recent interview. I Programmer

How to lock down your Internet-enabled houseful of gadgets Our houses are quickly filling with an internet of things -- smart TVs, DVRs, thermostats, and more all online, all the time. But to a hacker, each of these devices is a digital door or window into your home (network). Here's what you need to do to keep your devices locked against outside intrusions. Gizmodo