Hollywood is constantly looking for ways to encourage people to legally obtain their works versus simply snagging a torrent. The latest initiative in that push comes from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in the form of a new website designed to help people find the movies and TV shows they want to watch.

WhereToWatch lets users search for movies, TV shows, actors and directors. Films and shows are also categorized by what's popular, what's now playing and stuff that is coming soon. The repository also includes behind the scenes clips provided by thecredits.org as well as movie and television trailers powered by YouTube.

In essence, the site is not much different from the wealth of other sites that help people find legal ways to watch stuff including CanIStream.it, Flixster, NextGuide and TV.com, just to name a few. The one good thing about the MPAA's site is the fact that it isn't littered with advertisements.

Re/code reminds us that much like the other sites, WhereToWatch has one glaring blind spot: pay TV. In the event you search for Steven Spielberg's Munich, for example, you'll be told to buy digital copies on Amazon and iTunes. The sites neglect the fact that it is being shown on HBO this week and can also be streamed via HBO Go.

Eventually, someone is going to come up with a way to aggregate everything into a single searchable service but we're not quite there yet.