A number of "leading" companies have banded together to form what is being called the Streaming Video Alliance. The group, which is made of key members such as Fox, Yahoo, Major League Baseball and others, will "facilitate the creation of architecture, standards and best practices" in the online video ecosystem.

While we have seen similar groups come together in the past, it appears there are a few major players missing from the current list of supporters: Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Video. The former two make up for more than half of all North American internet traffic according to studies. 

While any kind of a standards group regarding online video streaming would seemingly need support from the likes of YouTube and Netflix, there is still a fairly reputable list of 17 companies already on-board. On top of the aforementioned companies, founding members include Alcatel-Lucent, Charter Communications, Cisco, Comcast, EPIX, Korea Telecom, Level 3 Communications, Liberty Global, Limelight Networks, Qwilt, Telecom Italia, Telstra, Ustream and Wowza Media Systems.

In many cases, standards groups of this nature are simply for companies to organize themselves in order to offer compatible services and technologies, among other things. Today's announcement notes the Alliance is still open to companies from all sectors of the ecosystem to join, so we could still see the big online players get involved at a later time.