Announced this week, the Lumia 535 is the first Lumia Windows Phone not to bear the Nokia logo, but rather that of Microsoft.

In the hubbub of discussion and commentary that followed the announcement, one comment that we kept encountering was that there are simply so many Lumia handsets available now, and that it’s becoming a bit difficult to keep up with which device is which in Microsoft’s range.

With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to put together a guide to every Lumia Windows Phone ever launched, with a brief overview on each handset (and a bonus device right at the very end). Let’s get started.

Lumia 505

One of the least known devices in the entire Lumia range

Ask someone to list all of the Lumia devices they can think of and one handset likely overlooked is the Lumia 505; and with good reason. The Windows Phone 7.8 device was exclusive to one carrier: TelCel in Mexico.

Other than that, the device never saw a release anywhere else in the world. TelCel hasn’t renewed its order for another bespoke Windows Phone, unique to the carrier – so perhaps that says something about how well the Lumia 505 fared. It was notable for offering an 8MP camera on an entry-level device with specs that otherwise mirrored the Lumia 510.

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