Ridesharing platform Lyft has launched a new feature that allows drivers to filter potential riders based on whether or not they are traveling in the same direction as the driver. Up to this point, drivers were only showed a passenger’s route once they had accepted a ride.

The inspiration and technology behind the new feature, known as Driver Destination, comes from Lyft Line, a service launched this past August that allows riders to select a ride already going the same way. By sharing a ride with another rider, users are able to save up to 60 percent on the cost of their trip.

Driver Destination essentially functions the same way, except for drivers.

For example, say you are a Lyft driver and are headed across town to pick up a few things from the store. You’ll now be able to accept riders heading in the same general direction so you can make a few bucks as you go about running your errands.

In a blog post on the matter, Lyft notes that drivers could earn up to $400 per month simply by picking up rides on their commute to and from work. That’s potentially enough to cover a car payment with the added benefit of getting to connect with new people that live and work nearby.

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