Back in May, on-demand ride-sharing startup Lyft launched Lyft Plus, a new high-end service featuring custom Ford Explorers with enough room for up to six people. While the service was initially available only in San Francisco, the company has now announced that it is expanding the six-seater option to the rest of the supported markets across the country.

"More than anything else, passengers loved the extra seats with Lyft Plus, and we heard that feedback loud and clear", the company said, adding that the service will be available in all its markets starting this week.

However, there are some changes compared to the company's initial offering in San Francisco. The first change is that while the service previously required a white Ford Explorer, there is no such requirement now, which means that any driver with a six-seater vehicle (from SUVs to mini vans) can accept Lyft Plus requests. Secondly, the company has also dropped the price for the service, down from 2x the price of a regular ride to 1.5x.

The announcement comes nearly a month after the company launched Lyft Line, a service that puts people going in the same direction in the same car, allowing you to save up to 60 percent off the cost of the ride in the process.

So, if you are planning a night on the town with friends, or a day trip with family across the San Francisco Bay, hit up Lyft and ride together.