Driver Destination lets Lyft drivers accept rides only from those heading in the same direction

Shawn Knight

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Ridesharing platform Lyft has launched a new feature that allows drivers to filter potential riders based on whether or not they are traveling in the same direction as the driver. Up to this point, drivers were only showed a passenger's...

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Lyft notes that drivers could earn up to $400 per month simply by picking up rides on their commute to and from work
$400 huh? Considering there are 20 workdays in the month you'd need to make $20 a day. That'll mean driving like 3 or 4 people to work every day. You'd have to get pretty lucky with locations to make that worth it.
I drive for Lyft. It's been 7 weeks or so. I mostly love it.

I have NEVER, however, gotten a passenger even once after the destination filter is set and I use it a lot when I'm in say, East LA and I want to go home to Venice. And for a driver, it sucks because they don't count your hours when the filter is on. I did not know that, as THEY DON'T TELL YOU!!!. I then miscalculated my hours and ended up 12 minutes short of my 1,000 dollar bonus. What a drag!