Move over Amazon and Netflix, there's a new original video content player in town. In what most will view as a way to shed the stigma of illegal behavior, peer-to-peer file sharing platform BitTorrent recently announced plans to distribute an original web series called Children of the Machine.

Marco Weber of Igby Goes Down and The Thirteenth Floor fame has been tasked with producing the series which takes place in the year 2031. As outlined in a report from Ad Week, the series will chronicle the struggles that humans face in a world taken over by androids.

Weber described Children of the Machine as a science fiction show that caters to the typical tech-savvy, male-dominated audience.

The series will be available exclusively as a BitTorrent Bundle, a media format that helps artists connect directly with fans. Much of the content available through bundles is free although there's also the option for artists to charge for their work. Those that decide to charge get a favorable 90 percent cut in addition to valuable sales data.

Weber said he selected BitTorrent's platform as its users are within his target demographic.

Starting next fall, the pilot as well as an ad-supported version of the series will be available free of charge. Those wanting to skip the ads (and further support the endeavor) will need to shell out $4.95 for the eight-episode season. Bonus content can be purchased for an additional $5, we're told.