YouTube has updated its Apple TV app with a refreshed user interface as well as a number of new features, effectively making it look similar to its counterpart on other devices like Xbox, both appearance and content-wise.

In addition to the visual overhaul, the update brings better search with predictive results, personalized recommendations (allowing you to browse new content based on your viewing history), the ability to subscribe to specific channels, as well as advertisements, meaning that all of the videos that run on the online video streaming site will now run on the app.

This is perhaps the biggest update the Apple TV app for YouTube has received in the past several years. YouTube on Apple TV had been lagging behind other platforms despite the fact that it is the leading destination for watching and sharing online videos, and Apple TV is one of the most popular set-top devices.

Separately, Apple has also added a bunch of new apps to its streaming box, including Conde Nast Entertainment's The Scene, which brings curated video content from ABC News, Forbes, and more; Fusion, a satire and pop culture digital network that launched last year; UFC.TV, a subscription streaming video service from UFC; and Dailymotion, a video-sharing website owned by French multinational telecommunications corporation Orange.