Marcus "Notch" Persson, the creator of the wildly popular Minecraft, was already rich, but then he sold the game to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. And now he's outbidding some of the biggest celebrities on the planet for multi-million dollar mansions in California.

Notch is now the proud owner of a $70 million estate in Beverly Hills, California, having outbid public figures Jay-Z and Beyonce. While many believed the two music industry veterans would be moving into the mansion, Persson slapped down enough cash to take it. 

Described as one of the highest prices ever paid for a home in that part of California, it has just about every amenity you could imagine. The home is apparently an "overwhelming sensory experience," according to Curbed. It has a candy room, a showroom for cars, several bars, eight bedrooms, fourteen bathrooms, "apartment-sized" closets throughout, a massive 54-foot long glass sliding door that opens up to the private pool, and lastly, a movie theater.

The value of the home includes everything inside as well, which are things like the furniture, artwork, and what sounds like as much Dom Perignon as you could drink. Not to mention the pre-filled candy towers seen on Persson's tweet below.

While certainly one of the more expensive pieces of real estate available in what is already a very pricey neighborhood, the $70 million value is but a tiny fraction of the cash Persson picked up for Minecraft.