Xiaomi has been known to push the boundaries in their smartphone releases, developing cheap and quite decent devices that pack designs often inspired by Apple. So far the company hasn't released a laptop, but judging by Gizmochina's leaks we might be getting one soon.

Images of the upcoming Xiaomi laptop show a design that's very, very similar to Apple's MacBook Air. It's not completely identical - there is a an orange key in the top right of the keyboard, an altered trackpad, and the wedge design overall hasn't been exactly replicated - but you could easily mistake this for a MacBook Air at first glance.

The 15-inch, 1080p device will also be larger than the MacBook Air, which tops out at 13 inches. Other specifications reportedly include an Intel 'Haswell' Core i7-4500U processor, which is similar to the chip found in the Air, as well as 16 GB of RAM. It will run a variant of Linux developed by Xiaomi for this device.

The Mi-branded laptop is said to cost around half that of the Apple device it's based off, which would place its price point around $500, making it very affordable.

There's no solid word on when Xiaomi will announce this new laptop, but if it's actually in development, a launch shouldn't be too far off. However it's unlikely we'll ever see this device hit Western shores, as Apple would almost certainly file an immediate lawsuit.