Belkin has updated its WeMo home automation product line with several new sensors focused on the security side of things – a Door and Window Sensor, Keychain Sensor, Alarm Sensor, and Room Motion Sensor. These join the company's other Internet of Things devices that let you remotely control plugged in items, lights, a crock pot and IP camera.

As the name suggests, the WeMo Door and Window Sensor, which works on a magnetic contact mechanism, tracks your windows and doors, and sends an alert to your mobile device when they are opened.

This can be particularly useful in making sure that all your home's entry points are secured when you are away. In addition, the sensor can also be paired with a WeMo Insight Switch, allowing you to program your heating and air conditioning to toggle on/off based on whether your windows are opened or closed.

Moving on, the WeMo Keychain Sensor is essentially a key fob that easily attaches onto a keychain, bag, or belt loop, and automatically sends an alert to your tablet or smartphone when its carrier has arrived or left your house.

The product can come in handy in many situations. For example, you can use it to determine whether your kids or other family members have arrived home safely as well as on time.

Next up is the WeMo Alarm Sensor that detects when any of your existing alarms go off and immediately alerts you, enabling you to quickly react in case of fires or leaks.

Then there is the WeMo Room Motion Sensor that uses infrared heat signatures to alert you whenever it detects unexpected movement in your home.

All the sensors mentioned above last about a year on battery, and are expected to arrive in the second half of the year.

Finally, the company also announced the WeMo Water, a single sensor that helps you monitor your water usage by sensing the vibrations that occur throughout your plumbing system every time you use water.

The device is still in field testing and and no released date has been announced.