Most of the headlines you'll read today regarding Intel will no doubt be related to their new Broadwell mobile processors but that's not all they have to offer at CES. Tablet aficionados will no doubt be interested to learn that Chipzilla is now shipping its next-generation Atom architecture to manufacturing partners.

The Bay Trail successor, known as Cherry Trail, is Intel's latest system on a chip for Android and Windows tablets. As is the case with Broadwell, Cherry Trail is built on the company's new 14-nanometer manufacturing process and is said to offer more graphics horsepower, better battery life and overall performance improvements.

Specifically, Cherry Trail uses a watered-down Broadwell-class GPU versus the Ivy Bridge-class GPU that Bay Trail utilized. Word on the street is that Cherry Trail will feature 16 EUs (Execution Units) but that hasn't been confirmed just yet.

Cherry Trail will also offer new user experiences such as Intel RealSense technology, no wires, no password and Intel Context Aware technology capabilities. Intel will also be pairing its Cherry Trail chips with its XMM 726x modem to offer LTE-Advanced capabilities, Cat-6 speeds and carrier aggregation.

For now, however, Intel isn't saying just how much faster Cherry Trail will be compared to its predecessor.

New products based on Intel's Cherry Trail are expected in the first half of this year.