Ever wanted to make your own chart-topping pop hit but didn't have the tools at your disposal? Perhaps Avid's Pro Tools First will be of interest to you.

Pro Tools has long been an important software tool for music producers in the industry, but its steep price tag - at least $700 for Pro Tools 11 - keeps it out of reach of most consumers. However with Pro Tools First, Avid's first free version of the software, you'll be able to dabble in basic music production so long as you don't mind the limitations.

Pro Tools First comes with a subset of the main version's features, losing support for extra tracks and video playback among others. It also comes with a limited selection of audio effect plugins (21 in total), and if you want more, you'll need to pay.

On top of this, Avid has limited cloud storage to just three projects, and naturally you'll need to pay if you want either more cloud storage or offline copies. However you will be able to export finished tracks free of charge, so the software isn't a complete cash grab.

These limitations are designed for first time users, and anyone wanting to edit music on a more professional level will still want to pick up the full, paid version. But if you wanted to give it a try, Pro Tools First will be available soon (you can sign up here to get notified when it's available)