Produce pop music for free with Pro Tools First


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Ever wanted to make your own chart-topping pop hit but didn't have the tools at your disposal? Perhaps Avid's Pro Tools First will be of interest to you.

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We don't need to relay on Apple for our music needs because the software works on Windows. So, ditch Apple.


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I don't think that $700 was a problem for a good musician. At least in 99.9% of all cases the problem is in complete lack of talent.

And the last thing we all need is more shitty music because this tool is now free.


So much hate in the comments. Making shitty music is fun and the first step to making good music. If they want to give away a limited version of their software for free what is the downside here? No one is going to force you to listen to their music.

In my eyes this promotes a new venue of creativity that was previously unattainable for some. Let the people play and rejoice in their own creations, and not let those who look down upon them extinguish their passion.
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I'm pretty sure this is the real deal, in entry level and even pro music production software:

While "Reaper" isn't free, it is reasonable. ($60.00 for an individual license, which can be used in a business as long as you earn less than 20K$ a year with it).

I allows multi-track, (big plus), and no reliance on bullsh!t "cloud" nonsense).

As for the, "so much hate" goes, 90% of pop music is crap anyway. The chances are, you won't hear the amateur's efforts. Then,all you have to do to avoid Justin Beiber and her ilk in general, is to, "don't touch that dial, step away from the radio, and keep your hands where I can see them"!