Google previously announced it was introducing a money sending service for Gmail users, allowing you to easily send funds back and forth to each other via Google Wallet. The service is built directly into Gmail and is accessed no different than a typical email attachment, and now the search giant has announced that its UK users will soon have access to the feature.

As the service rolls out, UK users will be able to send money to others in the UK using the simple attachment method. It works right on the desktop and will even allow you to send cash to users that don't have/use a Gmail address. Alternatively, users can also request funds from users in a similar fashion.

Much like you would expect, the first time you have been sent money there is a set-up process for those not already in the Google Wallet ecosystem. Users will need to "claim" the funds by setting up a Wallet account and linking it with a debit card or bank account. Like any funds stored in Google Wallet, they can be kept there for quick payments elsewhere, spent on Google Play or simply transferred to your bank account.

According to the Google announcement post, the service will be rolling out the users in the UK over the coming weeks. The feature will only be available to those over the age of 18 and users should begin seeing the £ icon within the usual attachment drawer shortly.