Nintendo has launched a new revenue-sharing program for content creators that wish to use copyrighted Nintendo material in their YouTube videos.

The Nintendo Creators Program is open to YouTube users who have both a Google and PayPal account. Those who create videos for the affiliate program must get approval by Nintendo for each and every video they publish. Alternately, users can elect to have their entire channel approved.

Nintendo is currently offering 60 percent of ad revenue to individual videos and 70 percent to those that approve their channel. The gaming company will calculate payments on a monthly basis and issue payments via PayPal. Do note that it can take up to three business days for Nintendo to approve individual videos for inclusion in the program.

The Nintendo Creator Program comes with a number of restrictions, however. For starters, Nintendo only allows certain games to be featured in videos - there's an entire whitelist online that glaringly omits some of the company's most popular franchises.

Those taking part in the program must also publish a spoken or written disclosure stating that they have Nintendo's blessing to publish said video and that it isn't sponsored by the gaming company. Also buried in the terms and conditions is Nintendo's ability to adjust the revenue-sharing rate arbitrarily.

The program opened today in beta. No word yet on when the full rollout will take place.