Unless you're a technology product reviewer or a frequent trade show attendee, the odds of getting to try out the latest technology before making a purchase are slim. Fortunately, such won't be the case for too much longer if you're interested in Samsung's Gear VR headset.

Starting February 8, Samsung will offer product demonstrations at select Best Buy stores across the US. Specifically, you'll want to head to a retail location with a Samsung Experience Shop inside as those appear to be your best bet.

You can search for participating stores over at Best Buy's website. Demo locations appear to be limited, however, as I wasn't able to find a store within a 150 mile radius of where I live that will have the demo. The Verge counted just 68 locations in total, far less than the 100 that were rumored to be coming.

According to Sam Mobile, there will be four key demonstrations available to shoppers including Milk VR, a game-like experience, a movie in virtual reality and 360-degree photo viewing. Each demo will run approximately three minutes in length and apparently, kids under the age of 13 aren't allowed to try it.

Samsung first unveiled its virtual reality headset at the IFA trade show last September. Developed in conjunction with Oculus VR, it works exclusively with the company's Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

It went on sale in December for $199.99 although if you don't already own the Note 4, the investment will be quite substantial.