Unlocking your mobile handset just got a bit easier today. As of February 11, 2015, major wireless carriers in the US are required to abide by a standardized set up unlocking rules issued by the CTIA back in December of 2013.

Truth be told, pretty much all carriers have implemented unlocking policies over the past year or so. Today just means the process could go a bit more smoothly for consumers as carriers are now required to comply with six specific policies.

For starters, each carrier must post their unlock policies on their respective websites in a clear and concise manner. The unlock policy applies to both prepaid and postpaid customers that are in good standing and have paid off their contract / phone.

Carriers are also required to notify customers once a device is eligible to be unlocked or do so automatically without any additional fee. Furthermore, carriers must unlock eligible devices within two business days of receiving a request or provide an explanation as to why a device doesn’t quality for unlocking or why they may need more time to process a request.

Last but not least, carriers are required to unlock mobile devices belonging to deployed military personnel whose accounts are in good standing.

AT&T’s existing policy appears to be in line with the agreement. T-Mobile has posted its policy, as has Verizon, US Cellular and Sprint.