Many of the largest tech companies have, for the most part, always dealt with security threats and vulnerabilities privately without sharing much data with each other. But all that appears as though it may change if Facebook has anything to do with it. 

The online social giant is announcing a brand new platform known as ThreatExchange today. It is designed to help major tech companies share information on malware, phishing scams and future security threats in general. So far it has managed to sign up companies like Twitter, Dropbox, Tumblr, Yahoo, Pinterest and others

Not only does ThreatExchange act as a portal for these companies to share threat data, but it also leverages social networking technology to offer an even deeper set of analytics. Similar to the way Facebook finds connections between its user base, ThreatExchange will also draw connections between various reported activity allowing companies to better prepare.

Facebook says that its collaboration with other companies on a malicious botnet issue it experienced previously was a major part of resolving it. So it has also included the ability for companies within the ThreatExchange network to work privately with one another on particular issues as they arise. Its goal is "that organizations anywhere will be able to use ThreatExchange to share threat information more easily, learn from each other's discoveries, and make their own systems safer." ThreatExchange is launching in beta starting today.