Apps like WiFi Analyzer are excellent tools for troubleshooting pesky wireless issues but even still, wouldn't it be much easier (and cooler) if you could visually see what's going on? Thanks to the ingenuity of YouTube user CNLohr, it's now possible to map out the WiFi strength of any 3D space.

Using a battery-powered ESP8266 wireless transceiver module, the video's narrator was able to ping it and measure the signal strength using an attached LED (different colors represent different strengths). The colors initially appear to be random but upon further inspection, that's not the case at all - there's just a ton of variation in a small amount of space.

By using a CNC mill and software that determines signal strength, he was able to map out the WiFi signal strength of a 3D space using the resulting data. Awesome visuals aside, the project really illustrates just how finicky WiFi signals can be.

If you're interested in building your own 3D WiFi mapping system, CNLohr provides links to all of the information you'll need on his YouTube page.

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