After finding a wealth of success in the mobile games industry, PopCap Games co-founder John Vechey is turning his attention to the red-hot augmented and virtual reality market.

The 37-year-old entrepreneur has partnered with former Walt Disney animation executive Jonathan Geibel as well as virtual reality veterans Jared Cheshier and Forest Gibson to create a new startup called Pluto VR.

In a recent interview with GeekWire, Vechey - who left PopCap last September - correctly noted that virtual reality is a brand new space with unlimited possibilities. With the technology, we'll be able to move beyond some of the constraints of location for collaborating, communicating and really connecting with other people.

Just two months in, Pluto VR already has plans for about five or six applications that could be compatible with the Oculus Rift, Microsoft's HoloLens and even Samsung's Gear VR. Deciding which devices to support, however, will ultimately come down to which products are most accepted in the market.

One thing is for certain - they won't be building any hardware or headsets of their own. Vechey said he wants everyone else to solve those problems.

It's a risky strategy for a company, especially this early in the game. While most expect virtual reality to indeed be the next big thing, guarantees in the technology field are few and far between.

Vechey said it best - for them to even have a chance at being successful, they are dependent upon other people being successful.