Microsoft officially confirmed Spartan's existence during a media event near the end of January. Since that time, developers and enthusiasts alike have been clamoring to get their hands on the new browser.

WinBeta was successful in its attempt and has shared a snippet of video that examines how Microsoft has integrated its personal assistant Cortana into the Internet Explorer replacement.

As you can see, the major takeaway here is that Cortana isn't overly annoying and it doesn't make any noises. Instead, you'll see a small animation in the address bar that, when clicked, provides more information about a particular website such as a restaurant's hours, location and menu.

One can also interact with Cortana right in the address bar. Typing in the word "weather" will display the local weather results without having to navigate to a separate website or launching an app.

Another useful feature is the ability to right-click on text that you are unfamiliar with - perhaps a word in an article that you don't know the definition of or a location that you can't pinpoint on a map - to get an explanation. This is similar to right-clicking a word or phrase in Chrome and selecting "Search Google for."

Spartan will be included in the next public preview of Windows 10 expected to go live sometime before the end of March (and possibly later this week, according to some sources).