HBO's upcoming over-the-top streaming service now has a name and a price point. Best yet, executives are reportedly trying to get everything in order to launch in time for the fifth season of Game of Thrones according to a report from the International Business Times.

Sources tell the publication that the standalone service will be called HBO Now and it will cost $15 per month. The pricing is in line with what consumers pay to access the network through their cable or satellite provider (sans promotional rate) but significantly higher than the $8 to $12 monthly fee that Netflix commands.

The new service is not to be confused with HBO Go, the company's streaming service that allows paying cable and satellite subscribers to watch HBO programming on the web, smartphones and tablets. The company is outsourcing the work to build a new back end and a new front end that'll be separate from Go.

As such, HBO Now and HBO Go subscribers will have different login pages / apps and credentials. Conveying the difference between the two to the average consumer is a valid concern among cable executives.

It's unclear at this time just exactly what channels will be included in HBO Now. As you may know, HBO offers several different branded channels including HBO, HBO 2, HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Comedy, HBO Zone and HBO Latino. One would assume that all channels would be included in the bundle, but you know what they say about assuming...