One of the debates I often have with fellow gamers is whether you should use external speakers or a pair of headphones while gaming. This week, I'm bringing the debate to TechSpot through the Weekend Open Forum.

I've always been an advocate of gaming through speakers. Grabbing a solid set of 5.1 channel surround speakers can give you a multi-dimensional, immersive sound experience in games. Without having the audio drivers affixed to your head, your gaming experience can be more comfortable and your ears can breathe. And with a good subwoofer, you can feel the explosions.

But there are also good points to gaming with headphones. The close proximity of drivers to your ears can give you cleaner sound, with less interference and the potential for noise cancelation. Headphones are also portable, easier to set up, have fewer wires, use less power and can contain a nearby microphone for crisp team chat.

Let me know your preferences in the comments below, and feel free to give your recommendations for the best speakers or headphones out there.