Several high-profile companies have spent time at one of Apple's secret labs over the past several weeks in preparation for next week's Apple Watch reveal. While everyone involved is remaining anonymous, sources have provided some insight into how Apple is suggesting apps interact with wearers.

As with any new form factor, the UI and how people use the device is imperative to its success. Smartwatches in particular have thus far proven to be especially troublesome for manufacturers and consumers alike.

Simply put, users can't interact with a tiny watch the same way they do with a smartphone or tablet. It's a fact that Apple is well aware of after having sat on the sidelines for a few years as other manufacturers release their devices.

Because there's not an overly obvious propose for smartwatches at this stage, it's important for developers to not wear out their welcome, so to speak. Constant updates from Facebook, text messages, e-mail and more will quickly become annoying and drain the device's battery at a rapid rate.

According to sources, Apple is telling developers that their applications should be used for no longer than 10 seconds at a time. Compared to how much time people spend looking at their tablets and smartphones, that could take some getting used to.

Apple is expected to unveil Apple Watch at a media event scheduled for March 9.