In addition to enhancements like in-line site searches, purchase history and more, Google is now introducing another feature to its search results. As part of its ongoing expansion of Knowledge Graph, Google is now offering up recipes and information on your favorite cocktails.

The new search feature will offer up step-by-step instructions on how to make just about any cocktail out there. It is also adding in some suggestions for finishing touches, garnish and even the products you serve it all in. While meal recipes have been part of search results for a while now, reports suggest Google engineers have received requests for cocktail results for some time.

Because of its link with Google's Knowledge Graph, these aren't just a set list of cocktails, but rather the ones most popular online. Google is keeping its cocktail results fresh and relevant for its users by analyzing search data and cross-referencing it from the most popular and reliable sources. This will allow its cocktail results to be ever changing and always offer new recipes and instructions.

The service is rolling out on both the desktop and mobile. Fire off a simple search query like "How do I make a Margarita?" to test it out for yourself.