While Google has consistently updated basic search results with new bits of information, it also has more personal options as well. Users can use traditional Google searches to check out all the different things they have purchased, along with handy search filters to keep it organized.

Just in time for the buying season, users that are logged in to their Google accounts can simply run the search "my purchases" to receive an in-line list of items they have purchased online. There are a few factors at play here, those purchases must have been in some way fired through your personal Google ecosystem (i.e. verification emails and receipts to your Gmail account, etc.). 

You can add other filters to the above purchase query like dates and times or even product categories like my purchases from June 2013, my purchases from from yesterday, my purchases amazon or my purchases tablet.

Each result in the list offers up additional information as well. Clicking on one of your personal purchase results, will bring back data like the time/date of purchase, payment method, tracking links, bill breakdowns and a direct link to the complete receipt.