Apple Watch isn't the only smartwatch that offers its customers a wealth of different configurations. As anticipated, Motorola has now expanded its Moto Maker customization shop to include the Moto 360 smartwatch.

Those interested in creating a custom Moto 360 can start by choosing between three case finishes: dark metal, light metal or champagne gold. From there, shoppers will need to select one of nine different bands including 22mm stone (grey), black or cognac (brown) leather, 18mm light metal or gold, 23mm light metal, dark metal or gold or a 24mm mono link band in silver.

Last but not least, buyers can choose from one of six custom light-colored watch faces or five dark-themed faces. Once the watch arrives, users will be able to swap out faces from Motorola's collection or the Google Play store.

Pricing starts at $249.99 - the same as a standard Moto 360 - and scales up to $329 which includes free shipping. The gold case is an additional $30 while each metal band constitutes a $50 premium. Even with the most expensive combination, Motorola's stylish smartwatch is $20 cheaper than watches found in Apple's entry-level Sports collection.

It's worth mentioning that the moto link option, described as a modern take on the classic metal band style, is marked with "delayed shipping." Most configurations carry an estimated delivery date of March 18 although the moto link pushes that back to March 31.