A recent TiVo-sponsored study conducted by Digitalsmiths provides an alarming glimpse into the current state of pay-TV that should have providers more than a bit worried.

The study found that 23 percent of pay-TV subscribers said they were unsatisfied with the level of value received from their service provider. Of those, 68.1 percent cited increasing fees as one of the reasons they aren’t happy.

But just how much are people shelling out each month for pay-TV, Internet and home phone services offered by typical providers?

A full 24 percent said their bill is higher than $151 per month while 36.9 percent of bills fall in the $101 to $150 range. Only 8.3 percent pay less than $50 for services each month.

What’s particularly telling is the fact that 85.1 percent of those polled said they feel like they watch the same channels over and over again. Interestingly enough, 19.1 percent only watch 10 of the channels currently offered to them and 14.3 percent only watch about five.

Making the case for over-the-top services, Digitalsmiths found that the use of subscription services increased by eight percent compared to a year ago. Convenience (57 percent) and lower pricing (47.3 percent) were among the top reasons why consumers choose OOT services.

All things considered, 14.7 percent of people said they are planning to either switch providers, ditch cable in favor of an online app / rental service or cut services altogether within the next six months. Another 30.9 percent replied with an answer of “maybe.” Nearly half said they would consider keeping existing service if their provider made it easier to find shows to watch.