Of all the phones released last year, the second-generation Moto G is the one I find myself recommending to people the most. It's an excellent budget smartphone with decent performance, a great display, stock Android, and a very attractive price point.

The one main issue I had with the Moto G was its lack of LTE support, which is a key feature now that 4G networks are found all around the globe. But there's good news! Motorola has just launched a version of the 2014 Moto G that supports LTE, and it won't break the bank.

The second-gen Moto G 4G will be available in the UK on March 16th from a selection of retailers, and it costs just £159, a mere £10 more than the 3G model. Motorola hasn't launched the 4G Moto G in the United States just yet, but when it does become available, it shouldn't cost too much more than the $180 3G variant.

While most of the hardware in the 4G model remains the same as the 3G model, Motorola has increased the size of the battery from 2,070 mAh to 2,390 mAh, which will help provide similar battery life when accessing the more power hungry LTE networks. The increased battery capacity also makes the Moto G 4G six grams heavier.