After years of leaked documents courtesy of infamous former intelligence agent Edward Snowden, it appears more information is still trickling out. This time, new details from Snowden outline some of the capabilities the Canadian government has with regards to cyber warfare and anti-terrorism.

Apparently, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) in Canada has developed a large arsenal of cyber tools and weapons capable of completely shutting down an adversary's systems, among other things. This arsenal is able to both disable and destroy a target network, but also take control of it anonymously. Reports suggest these computer network tools are likely designed for attacks on things like transportation, banking and electrical grid infrastructure.

While it appears that many of the tools the Canadians are using are indeed borrowed from the NSA in some way or other, the CSE has active computer network access on a number foreign targets, according to reports. The Canadians are said to be monitoring targets in the "Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Mexico."

The leaked documents further demonstrate the Canadian government's involvement in tactics of this nature. It has previously been named several times with regards to NSA operations and has previously been said to be tracking airport passengers via WiFi as they pass through the airport.

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