According to the latest information straight from the rumor mill, Nvidia is preparing a new high-end graphics card known as the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, and it will feature a fully-enabled GM200 GPU core that was first seen on the GTX Titan X.

As the GTX 980 Ti will reportedly feature a full GM200 core, it will come with all 3,074 CUDA cores intact. Other reported specifications include 6 GB of GDDR5 memory, down from 12 GB in the Titan X, on the same 384-bit bus. There's no word on clock speeds, though the card will likely be slower than the Titan X to go with its lower price tag.

However rumor has it that Nvidia will allow custom cooling solutions for the GTX 980 Ti, unlike with Titan-brand cards, which could mean board partners will slap on huge coolers and factory overclock the cards. It's entirely possible that with overclocking the 980 Ti will be faster than the Titan X, although as both cards reportedly use the same GPU core, the difference won't be massive.

Nvidia is reportedly readying the GTX 980 Ti for a late summer launch, around the same time frame as AMD's next-generation graphics card launch. It will be interesting to see how the Radeon R9 390X performs against the GTX 980 Ti, as rumors suggest AMD's next flagship is a performance beast with lower power consumption than the company's previous GPUs.

It's always worth taking these rumors with a grain of salt, but this information does seem pretty plausible. Presuming there are no delays to the GTX 980 Ti, Nvidia will divulge more information around the middle of the year.