If your keyring is a bulky, cluttered mess (aren't they all?), check out KeySmart 2.0 - the compact key organizer that made waves during its Kickstarter campaign. TechSpot readers can grab one 26% off, for just $16.99 + free shipping.

Creator Michael Patrick describes his invention as "The minimalist key ring with maximum strength". KeySmart's claim to fame lies in it's small form, which still enables the device to fit up to 10 keys in a Swiss-army knife fashion. KeySmart accommodates most sizes of keys, and is able to fit two times the amount of keys in just half the space thanks to its efficient design.

You can attach your USB drives and car remotes to the built in polished loop. KeySmart is made of aluminum which makes it lightweight, strong, and most importantly, very affordable.

The KeySmart 2.0 currently retails for $23, but you can purchase it today for 26% off - $16.99 including shipping. Make sure to take advantage of this deal before it ends in a couple of days.