What may have been the very first game some of us ever played has now taken over the map service many of us use everyday. Google has implemented a new feature into its popular maps service which allows users to boot up a game of Pac-Mac right on the streets of Google Maps.

A simple start-up icon now sits in the bottom left corner of the basic Maps interface. Enabling the button will bring up a Pac-Man themed sidebar to calculate your score, while turning the streets of the particular location you selected into your traditional game of Pac-Man. You'll notice the familiar original music along with those iconic color-coated ghost enemies.

It appears that not any location on the map can be used, but many are compatible and there is a handy feature that will snap you to supported areas. The feature works on both PCs and mobile.

While not the first time we have seen Pac-Man invade our productivity services and apps, it is the first time Google has officially brought the classic character to Google Maps. Obviously another one of Google's fun April Fools stunts, this time last year the company added a Pokemon Challenge to its maps app for iOS and Android. The game tasked players to capture up to 150 Pokemon from around the world while adding them to their Pokedex.

Pac-Man x Google Maps is available to play right now. You can check out the some of the best places on the map to play, plus quick refresh of the rules and the point system on the support page.