Are you a cord cutter that’s looking for somewhere to catch the season premiere of Game of Thrones besides Apple TV? If so, Sling TV has you covered as the disruptive over-the-top streaming service has announced it’ll be the first to offer HBO (the real channel, live) as well as VOD content from HBO.

Sling TV will offer HBO for $15 per month to subscribers of its core package. That’s the same price you’d pay for HBO Now through Apple during its exclusive three-month period. The key difference here, however, is that Sling TV subscribers will get access to one live channel in addition to the same VOD library that HBO provides on its other platforms. HBO Now is strictly a VOD service although users will be able to watch new episodes of shows in real time.

Note that HBO through Sling TV is only being offered to current subscribers of the core package. Those aiming to grab the channel as a true standalone offering will need to look elsewhere but for those that already have Sling TV, this is probably the best path to HBO.

Sling TV’s core package currently consists of 20 channels including ESPN, ESPN2, AMC, A&E, TNT, History Channel, Lifetime and CNN for $20 per month. The company also offers additional add-on channel bundles, each priced at $5 per month.

The service works across an array of devices including Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Roku players, Xbox One, Android and iOS devices, Macs and PCs.

Sling TV didn’t provide an exact date for HBO’s arrival. The new season of Game of Thrones premiers on April 12 meaning it’s less than two weeks away.