Intel unveiled today a new Pentium 4 running at 3.2GHz, just a MHz boost this time though, no architecture changes. Reviews can be found at: TechReport, Hexus, ExtremeOC & GD.

Steve Jobs announced the end of Jaguar, and the newness of Panther, today at his WWDC keynote address. Panther is to be available as a preview release now, and by the end of the year retail, for $129. More details at Slashdot.

Online communities rock! The New York Times has an article today pointing out a few examples denoting the importance of the internet word of mouth, from PC related products to movies and more.

Will the average downloader get sued? It's an opionated article from the Times Dispatch.

Microsoft has released the latest version of its software for handheld computers touted "Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PCs", an article on the matter can be found at Brighthand. Additionally CNet reports on Microsoft working with hot spot service providers to convince more people to use Pocket PCs for wireless Net access at coffee shops, airport lounges and other typical hot spot locales.

IBM and Intel have edged ahead on a quickly changing list of the 500 fastest supercomputers.

Dell Computer plans to add three printers to its lineup on Tuesday, bulking up its bid to wrestle buyers away from market king Hewlett-Packard.