Google, following in the footsteps of e-commerce giant Amazon, is also getting into the home services business. Instead of offering services at the point of sale, the search giant aims to integrate home service providers into its core search business according to sources close to the matter as reported by BuzzFeed.

Whenever users perform a relevant search for home improvement tasks, Google will also show them local professionals that can help with the job.

As of now, searching for information about electrical or plumbing work returns links to service providers as well as relevant AdWords advertisements. Sources tell the publication that Google’s new product will go beyond this to establish a direct connection with the user. Exactly how that’ll play out remains unknown at this time.

The home services industry seems like a natural progression for Google as the company has been experimenting with other ways to connect users with service providers. Last month, Google officially entered the US auto industry with an insurance comparison shopping site called Google Compare for Auto Insurance. A similar service for home mortgages is also said to be in the works.

Amazon announced its Home Services offering late last month after beta testing it in select cities over the past several months. With its new service, customers can hire professional help with a variety of services including appliance repair, home theater installation, car stereo installation and even goat grazing.