Samsung's mobile chief, JK Shin, expects their latest flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S6, to break shipment records and become the company's best selling Galaxy device.

Previously Samsung expected to ship around 40 million Galaxy S6s, but following a strong launch period they're upping their estimation to over 50 million shipments. This would dethrone the Galaxy S4 from its position as Samsung's best selling smartphone to date.

The company also admitted that it will struggle to meet demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge, the curved-screen variant of Samsung's latest flagship. This is due to the complex construction of the curved display, which is restricting production of the device. Samsung is, however, "working hard to increase the yield rate" of the display, which will help increase supply.

So far, the Galaxy S6 has been one of Samsung's best received handsets, with the device being praised for its improved design, excellent display and camera, and class-leading performance. The S6 Edge, with its AMOLED display curving to the left and right, has also been well received.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will launch globally on April 10, with the Edge costing $200-300 more than the S6 depending on the market and retailer.