For the past couple of years, developer The Chinese Room (alongside SCE Santa Monica Studio) has been working on the spiritual successor to Dear Esther known as Everyone's Gone to the Rapture.

The first-person, story-driven adventure title throws players into a large, desolate open world (a rural English countryside in 1984) and tasks them with figuring out what the heck happened to humanity - aside from the obvious apocalypse.

The game is based around six different characters, each of which tells their story, in addition to several other small storylines that loosely tie into the bigger picture. Players aren't required to follow these sub-stories although doing so will only heighten the level of immersion that The Chinese Room hopes gamers will feel as they play.

Dan Pinchbeck, creative director at The Chinese Room, recently penned a post on the official PlayStation blog where he revealed a new teaser trailer and a new song from the upcoming soundtrack (music is to play a major role in the game, we're told).

The trailer doesn't reveal too much but if you're already interested in the game, it'll certainly draw you in even more.

Pinchbeck said the game is just a couple of weeks out from beta on the PlayStation 4 (originally announced for the PC, it's now a PS4 excusive). Currently, everyone's time is being spent knocking out bugs and putting as much polish and finesse on the game as possible.

Back on the subject of music, Pinchbeck said the team recently put together the soundtrack with help from Air Studios. They've already spent a week injecting the audio into the game which he said is transforming the experience.

Pinchbeck said the team plans to announce a launch date shortly.