VidOn is a relatively unknown company but they've produced a fairly interesting and unique TV box that includes their own launcher, customized version of XBMC, and also a pretty original design for the actual device.

The VidOn TV box measures in at 150mm x 90mm x 30mm. It's definitely on the smaller end for these type of devices, but it's not small enough to really carry in your pocket like you would with the Smartron S805, however. On the front of the device there is an IR receiver for the included remote, it has no markings on the left or right side and the underside of the device just has four rubber feet.

The back is home to all of the inputs, including the 5V/2A power-in, 10/100 Ethernet, a full-sized HDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports and an optical audio out. It also has a full-sized WiFi antenna coming out from the back.

The device itself has a gold-toned aluminium housing with shiny plastic towards the back of the device and on the front panel for the IR receiver. The unit is curved, with the aluminium body taking a sharply pitched oval around the device. It feels solid in the hand and there are no moving parts or anything "loose" when you shake it. Its standout feature is support for Blu-ray menu navigation, which every other Android box notably lacks.

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