Drones aren’t the only experimental delivery method Amazon is interested in. In addition to standard doorstep and locker delivery, the e-commerce giant will soon be trialing a program in which packages will be left in the trunk of your car.

Testing gets under way next month for select Amazon Prime subscribers living in Munich that also happen to drive an Audi. As the Financial Times notes, Amazon is partnering with courier DHL on the pilot in which drivers will get one-time keyless access to the trunk of a customer's car.

Because the delivery driver won’t have access to the rest of the car (nevermind the fact that many cars have trunk access through the back seating area), additional insurance by Amazon won’t be necessary.

Customers will give a rough approximation of where their car is located and provide a desired drop-off time (while you’re picking up groceries or at work, for example). Once located and the trunk is popped, DHL workers will place the shipment in the trunk and pick up any other boxes marked for return to Amazon.

The service is being limited to Audi vehicles primarily for the fact that they offer third-party access to the trunk area. If the method catches on, it’s likely that we could see other automakers add the feature to new models or perhaps offer to retrofit existing vehicles.