Tesla may be turning heads in the US with its small fleet of electric vehicles but in China, EV enthusiasts' eyes are focused on what could be the country's first homegrown electric sports car.

Recently shown off at the Shanghai auto show, the car is simply known as the Event from CH-Auto. The brainchild of former Jeep executive Lu Qun, the Event is powered by a 48kWh battery capable of a range of 155 miles. It can go from zero to 100 kilometers (to 0-62 mph) in 4.6 seconds. That's not quite as fast as Tesla's Model S P85D but it's still quite zippy.

China's air pollution problem could greatly benefit from a successful electric vehicle. The government has pledged support to the development of EVs with sales climbing to 18,000 units last year but breaking into the market has proven especially difficult.

Like anywhere else, the success of an electric vehicle largely hinges on the availability of recharging stations. China's dense population and large landmass aren't exactly ideal when it comes to building out supporting infrastructure.

To make headway, Qun will initially target the high-end market. Once the brand and its dragonfly logo have been established, CH-Auto will turn its attention to high-volume, affordable vehicles (sound familiar?). If everything goes as planned, the Event could enter production as early as late 2016.

Pricing wasn't revealed although industry analysts tell The Wall Street Journal they expect it to come in around the $115,000 mark.

What are your thoughts on the overall styling? The Event loosely resembles the Veyron IMO although I think that's just due to the two-tone paint job playing tricks on my mind.

Images via WSJ, CarNewsChina