Fans of Codemasters' Dirt series will be pleasantly surprised with today's news: the British game developer has launched a new title in the series, Dirt Rally, through Steam Early Access, meaning you can purchase, download, and test the game right now.

Codemasters decided to launch Dirt Rally through Early Access to ensure that the game is exactly what fans want. What the developer has already put together is based upon feedback they received for their previous titles, Dirt 3 and Dirt: Showdown, and they're eager to hear more through the Early Access process.

The game itself is "pure rally with none of the fluff", and is actually pretty feature-packed for a game available through Early Access. Right now you get access to 17 cars, 36 stages of differing types, a full physics and simulation model, and a team management component. On top of this, Codemasters will be adding more cars, tracks and game modes over the coming months.

The trailer for the game shows fairly nice visuals, and it's recommended you have either an AMD Radeon R9 290 or an Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 to run it. Previous games in the series have looked excellent, so by the time Dirt Rally is released as a final version, let's hope it continues the trend.

If you want to test out Dirt Rally, the game can be purchased through Steam Early Access right now for $35. Any features that get added to the game from now on will be free to those who purchase it, and you'll be automatically upgraded to the final version when the title leaves Early Access.