Hackers with ties to the Russian government apparently accessed some of President Obama's private emails. The security breach, which occurred last October, was part of an attack that targeted unclassified White House computer systems, according to reports.

Based on details from the investigation, the system in control of Obama's mobile device was not compromised. Instead, some of his closest contacts were breached, allowing attackers to view Obama's messages from archives on the other end. 

Reports suggest there were no classified networks accessed, but that the President's private messages could very well of contained sensitive data pertaining to his schedule, foreign ambassadors, legislation and policy changes. Naturally, officials did not confirm how many of Obama's messages were accessed, nor would they comment on what they contained.

While not much is known regarding the identity of the attackers outside of a connection with the Russian government, it appears this group is much more advanced than the Chinese hackers Obama dealt with earlier in his tenure. It is reported that the intrusion was one of the most sophisticated the White House had seen and that officials met on a near daily basis for several weeks after the incident occurred. 

There has been no official confirmation made, but some believe the White House attack was perpetrated by the same group responsible for breaching unclassified networks at the Pentagon earlier this year. It has also been reported that these Russian hackers are currently giving the State Department a run for its money as well.

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