Earlier this year we were impressed with AMD's FreeSync technology, which allows the refresh rate of a compatible monitor to smoothly vary and synchronize with the fluctuating frame rates of video games. However at the time of launch, FreeSync was restricted to just single-GPU configurations, with AMD promising to release a multi-GPU driver sometime in April.

April has now come and gone, which has led to AMD officially delaying the release of a FreeSync driver for CrossFire systems. There is no word when the driver will be available, but the company will "continue to develop and test this solution in accordance with our stringent quality standards, and we will provide another update when it is ready for release."

This news is disappointing for those out there with powerful multi-GPU setups wanting to make the most of high-end FreeSync monitors such as BenQ's XL2730Z. While a G-Sync equivalent panel is more expensive, Nvidia has supported their variable refresh technology on multi-GPU SLI setups for quite some time now.

Nvidia also supports multi-display G-Sync Surround setups, which is another feature AMD is yet to support with FreeSync. Running games on a triple-display Eyefinity setup can be just as demanding as 4K, and it's in these demanding scenarios where FreeSync and G-Sync can make the most difference.

While both triple-display and multi-GPU setups are relatively niche in the gaming market, hopefully AMD will add FreeSync support for both of these setups in the coming months, ahead of the launch of new flagship graphics cards.