Smartphones come and go, but every once in a while there is that "one" which either has some really unique specs, is priced really well, has everything you want or just looks nice. Sometimes it's a combination of all of those. I've been interested in the JiaYu S3 since it was first announced, and after playing with it for the last couple of weeks I don't think I'll ever go back to a Galaxy, iPhone, or anything else. The JiaYu S3 comes in two variations: one with 2 GB of RAM and another with 3 GB of RAM, which also comes with NFC support.

The JiaYu S3 measures in at 152mm x 75.6mm x 9.1mm. It's certainly not the thinnest phone out there, but all of the sides curve off to the edges making it feel significantly thinner and comfortable in the hand. In this way it reminds me a lot of the Moto G which was also thicker than average but was designed in a way that made it feel thinner. It has a very minimalist design with no markings on the front of the phone besides the capacitive buttons on the bottom.

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