Candy Crush Saga is coming to Windows 10. Microsoft recently revealed King's popular mobile game will be pre-installed on its next operating system alongside the return of classic time-killers like Hearts, Minesweeper and Solitaire.

As Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc tells us, Candy Crush Saga will be the first game from King that'll come automatically installed for customers that upgrade to or install a fresh copy of Windows 10. Over time, Microsoft will be adding other King titles to the mix.

While Candy Crush Saga fans will surely appreciate being able to play the game in the new OS, not everyone is seeing it in a positive light - and rightfully so.

With Windows 8, Microsoft took its collection of games and moved them to the Windows Store. If you wanted a game like Solitaire or Hearts, you'd simply go download it and play to your heart's content (no pun intended). One less app or game pre-installed is one less piece of bloatware in the eyes of many.

Microsoft is playing this off as an awesome freebie but the truth it, it's no different than the type of bloatware that has infested big-brand desktops and notebooks for years. Microsoft isn't doing users a favor by pre-installing the game; King is paying them to do it.

To see Microsoft - the same company that offers bloatware-free Signature Edition PCs in its store - stoop to this level is concerning. And what's to stop them from adding additional bloatware to Windows 10?

Microsoft promised to follow-up with news on other King titles coming to Windows 10 in the future.